Definition of irritatingly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈirəˌtādiNGlē/ /ˈɪrəˌteɪdɪŋli/

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  • 1In a manner that causes annoyance, impatience, or mild anger.

    ‘he keeps humming irritatingly’
    • ‘irritatingly shrill-voiced arguments’
    • ‘irritatingly, she is a chronic name-dropper’
    • ‘From the opening chapters onward, he continually asks questions of himself, reasoning through his emotions in an irritatingly simplistic manner.’
    • ‘In last week's column, I threatened retribution against Chris for his irritatingly successful April Fool's prank.’
    • ‘Often hovering portentously around the edge of the drama, he pops up at irritatingly convenient moments to keep the plot going.’
    • ‘The child protagonists are either unbearably cute or irritatingly obnoxious.’
    • ‘At first I found it irritatingly difficult to use.’
    • ‘Even those accessing the service by email find irritatingly large ads tacked on the bottom of each message.’
    • ‘I can still remember a time when you were just irritatingly smart.’
    • ‘There are copious footnotes and an index but, irritatingly, no bibliography.’
    • ‘The video is a bit washed out, but not irritatingly so.’
    • ‘He is exceedingly melodramatic when he is not being irritatingly tiresome.’
  • 2In a manner that causes irritation to a body part.

    ‘an itch welled up irritatingly in his throat’
    • ‘In our tests for chemical sensitivities, we selected butanone because it is more irritatingly effective than ethylbenzene.’
    • ‘Around ten times a day, my hands become irritatingly itchy.’
    • ‘It is irritatingly sore whenever my clotihng rubs against it.’
    • ‘Getting the closest shave possible means less irritatingly scratchy stubble later in the day.’
    • ‘If it's itchy and irritatingly uncomfortable, it is an allergic reaction.’