Definition of irrits in English:


plural noun

Australian informal the irrits
  • Feelings of extreme annoyance or irritation.

    ‘his constant criticizing gives me the irrits’
    • ‘Things slipping and sliding every which way may give you a case of the irrits this week.’
    • ‘They don't like him in the class; he gives them the irrits.’
    • ‘Do you know the kind of people who really give me the irrits?’
    • ‘This attitude that roads cause crashes, or that a road is dangerous, really gives me the "irrits".’
    • ‘What gives me the most irrits about these people is that, for the most part, they haven't thought their idiotic endorsements through.’
    • ‘When bands turn into too much of a political platform rather than a group who produce music, it kinda gives me the irrits.’
    • ‘I didn't get a lot of the Christian jargon that was spoken at his church or within his family (it still gives me the irrits).’
    • ‘When something's giving them the irrits, they generally behave like toolbags.’
    • ‘What gives me the irrits most is the blatant dishonesty in every word of this campaign.’
    • ‘I have loved some of his work this series but now he is really giving me the irrits.’


1990s shortening of irritations.