Definition of Ishihara test in English:

Ishihara test


  • A test for colour blindness in which the subject is asked to distinguish numbers or pathways printed in coloured spots on a background of spots of a different colour or colours.

    • ‘These tests are sometimes known as the Ishihara test.’
    • ‘Patients should have baseline visual acuity testing and testing of color discrimination (Ishihara tests).’
    • ‘Testing of visual acuity and color vision (Ishihara tests) should be performed when EMB is to be used.’
    • ‘The latter was assessed in 12 534 children aged 11 years using the Ishihara test, 1 with CVD being the inability to identify all 24 plates.’


Early 20th century named after Shinobu Ishihara (1879–1963), Japanese ophthalmologist.


Ishihara test