Definition of isiXhosa in English:


Pronunciation /isiˈkōsə/ /ɪsɪˈkoʊsə/ /isiˈkôsə/ /ɪsɪˈkɔsə/


  • The Bantu language of the Xhosa, one of the official languages of South Africa.

    Also called Xhosa

    ‘the attendees chatted quietly with each other in isiXhosa’
    • ‘He believes the new product will lead to a spike in online platforms and products packaged and marketed in isiXhosa.’
    • ‘I write this as someone who has benefitted from a Eurocentric education, which left my isiXhosa by the wayside.’
    • ‘Even if you wanted to write a sociological PhD thesis in IsiXhosa you would struggle to find supervisors who would be able to read it.’
    • ‘Desert Rose performed 3 pieces - including the Lord's Prayer sung in Aramaic, English, Arabic and isiXhosa.’
    • ‘They found that they shared the same language, isiXhosa, and did the same work - they are rock drill operators.’
    • ‘He set about learning their language, isiXhosa, and within a few years had reached a level of fluency that amazed native speakers.’
    • ‘For many of the local children, isiXhosa is their primary language, and their first formal exposure to English occurs only when they arrive at school in grade 1.’
    • ‘To my surprise, the 84 - year-old Noni spoke isiXhosa fluently.’
    • ‘IsiXhosa can be a compulsory subject, while the medium of instruction is English.’
    • ‘I was smiling because the white lady was speaking isiXhosa.’


  • Denoting or relating to isiXhosa.

    ‘I attended isiXhosa classes’
    • ‘the isiXhosa language’
    • ‘He says the isiXhosa translation, now being done live, cuts down the time witnesses spend in the witness stand.’
    • ‘Going against the trends, an isiXhosa newspaper has been launched in the Eastern Cape.’
    • ‘Each televised match will also have isiXhosa commentators alongside English and Afrikaans.’
    • ‘I used to read more IsiXhosa books when I was younger, but as I grew older and went to mixed school I was required to read English books.’
    • ‘The head of the IsiXhosa Unit and co-author of the booklet said they wanted people to view their home languages, particularly isiXhosa, as "cool".’
    • ‘The history of isiXhosa literature isn't old.’
    • ‘He said the poster makes a mockery of IsiXhosa culture.’
    • ‘The school received the award for excellence in isiXhosa home language at the 2014 provincial National Senior Certificate awards ceremony.’
    • ‘The Sesotho tradition is much stricter than the isiXhosa one.’
    • ‘In several cases isiXhosa pupils had been given seSotho workbooks, and Afrikaans and English speaking pupils had received isiXhosa workbooks.’


The name in isiXhosa.