Definition of isiZulu in English:



  • The Bantu language of the Zulus, one of the official languages of South Africa.

    ‘some English sayings do not make sense in isiZulu, and vice versa’
    Also called Zulu
    • ‘The mean age of participants was 27 years with participants speaking primarily isiZulu (93.4%).’
    • ‘According to the 2011 census, isiZulu is the most common home language, spoken by just over 20% of the population.’
    • ‘For the first time in any surfing contest anywhere, it was presented entirely in isiZulu, the mother tongue of most of the inhabitants of KwaZulu-Natal.’
    • ‘In South Africa, English is the main business language, but by sheer force of numbers isiXhosa and isiZulu are just as important (in a commercial sense) to cater for.’
    • ‘In his spare time he takes French classes, to add to his impressive array of languages that include English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Portuguese and Mandarin.’
    • ‘It is the second most spoken language in South Africa after isiZulu, ahead of Afrikaans and English, and it deserves to have a dedicated browser, just as the others do.’
    • ‘It was amazing to see and hear a small white man dancing and singing Zulu war chants and marching songs with all the clicks and guttural sounds of isiZulu.’
    • ‘"Whenever I spoke isiZulu people would turn and look at me," said the model and freelance artist.’
    • ‘But recently we're seeing an increase in brand-building campaigns in isiZulu.’
    • ‘She thinks we should adopt isiZulu as our national language!’
    • ‘The country's other lingua franca is isiZulu.’
    • ‘He sang a liberation song, depicting a long walk to freedom, translated from isiZulu.’


  • Denoting or relating to isiZulu.

    ‘the isiZulu language’
    ‘isiZulu speakers’
    • ‘The isiZulu word thinta is also a verb meaning to touch.’
    • ‘A young man burst forth with a stanza of an isiZulu song before being joined in a chorus by nine other youths scattered around the auditorium.’
    • ‘Today, only 27 candidates will be attempting the IsiZulu higher grade primary language second paper.’
    • ‘He announced that the world premiere of the first-ever isiZulu feature film will take place on June 14 when it opens the 25th Durban International Film Festival.’
    • ‘South Africa's President can thrill a crowd with his singing, dancing, and isiZulu wisecracks.’
    • ‘In 1984, he was employed by the university as a researcher in the isiZulu dictionary project.’
    • ‘The questionnaires were translated into isiZulu by an isiZulu expert from the university's language centre.’
    • ‘I enrolled for an isiZulu beginner's class at university and it is hard.’
    • ‘He's running the 10km trail and will then take his place behind the mic for the isiZulu commentary during the marathon.’
    • ‘He now owns a successful YouTube channel showcasing his animated films, some of which feature isiZulu and Xhosa content.’


The name in isiZulu.