Definition of isoelectric focusing in English:

isoelectric focusing


  • A technique of electrophoresis in which the resolution is improved by maintaining a pH gradient between the electrodes.

    ‘Sickle cell disease can be diagnosed in newborns, as well as older persons, by hemoglobin electrophoresis, isoelectric focusing, high-performance liquid chromatography or DNA analysis.’
    • ‘Protein polymorphisms were detected using electrophoretic and isoelectric focusing methods modified from a variety of published sources.’
    • ‘Through the technique of isoelectric focusing, about 100 genetic variants of AAT have been identified to date.’
    • ‘Proteins were separated by isoelectric focusing over a pH range of 3-10.’
    • ‘For this study, electromorphs were typed by agarose gel electrophoresis or isoelectric focusing.’
    • ‘The first separation is achieved by isoelectric focusing that separates protein polypeptide chains according to amino acid composition.’


isoelectric focusing

/ˌīsōəˈlektrik ˈfōkəsiNG/ /ˌaɪsoʊəˈlɛktrɪk ˈfoʊkəsɪŋ/