Definition of isopod in English:



  • A crustacean of the order Isopoda, such as a wood louse.

    ‘Studies of fouled arthropods include horseshoe crabs, isopods, stomatopods, lobsters, and true crabs.’
    • ‘The precopulatory mate guarding of amphipods and isopods is another example of mating effort by males.’
    • ‘As we watched, cockroaches, earwigs, isopods, and other small arthropods ran to escape the advancing waves of ants.’
    • ‘The molting style of isopods provides the final problem for the interpretation of fossil isopods.’
    • ‘The water in the center of the atoll is undrinkable and holds only pond weed and biting isopods (a type of small crustacean).’



/ˈīsəˌpäd/ /ˈaɪsəˌpɑd/