Definition of isosmotic in English:



  • Having the same osmotic pressure.

    ‘physiological saline is isosmotic with body fluids’
    • ‘This led us to the hypothesis that terrestrial crabs have the option of directing isosmotic urine to organs that, unlike the antennal gland, are capable of producing strong gradients.’
    • ‘Desert gopher tortoises also store dilute urine that buffers evaporative loss and allows them to hold blood osmotic concentration constant, at least until bladder contents become isosmotic with blood.’
    • ‘Control experiments confirmed that no volume change occurred following perfusion of cells with isosmotic media.’
    • ‘Replacement of NaCl for isosmotic sorbitol produced a slight depolarization of the membrane.’
    • ‘A control experiment was performed for each group, in which cells were perfused with isosmotic media.’



/ˌīsäzˈmätik/ /ˌaɪsɑzˈmɑtɪk/