Definition of isotonicity in English:


Pronunciation /-təˈnisitē/



See isotonic

‘We used this convenient notation for simplicity, keeping in mind that this notation slightly overestimated the tonicity difference from isotonicity.’
  • ‘Sodium chloride solutions having ionic strengths of 14.5 mM - 145 mM were prepared using distilled water, with sorbitol added as appropriate to maintain isotonicity.’
  • ‘Once the solid material had been dissolved there could be a bit of adjustment to get the solution toward isotonicity.’
  • ‘The homogenate was subjected to one round of freeze-thaw, before being combined with an equal volume of 2 × PBS to restore isotonicity.’
  • ‘With time, as osmotic gradients are building up, the apparent stoichiometry tends to increase toward isotonicity.’