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Pronunciation /izˈrālē/ /ɪzˈreɪli/


  • Relating to the modern country of Israel.

    ‘One can be critical of Israeli policy and still support its right to exist.’
    • ‘I sometimes gleefully scoop up Israeli avocados rather than those from other countries.’
    • ‘We spent three hours planning a way to sneak up to the border gates and snatch a piece of Israeli land.’
    • ‘They set up displays about the army and blasted Israeli music out of a loudspeaker.’
    • ‘In terms of wider Israeli society, however, the end of the Cold War probably had a greater impact.’
    • ‘Most devastating to the scientists has been the academic boycott of Israeli universities.’
    • ‘Although these two elements coexist in Israeli society they are often in tension with one another.’
    • ‘Their campaigning was limited to angry letters to the editor, and a boycotting of Israeli goods.’
    • ‘I do not condone it and have deep misgivings about how this is affecting Israeli society in general.’
    • ‘It is clear that this so-called Israeli soil is, in reality, situated on the West Bank.’
    • ‘I told her to give him my warm regards, since in his book on Israeli sociology he said nice things about my work.’
    • ‘Ms Inkwell has been in the news lately because of her outspoken support for a boycott of Israeli cricket.’
    • ‘For those who are yet to get a taste of Israeli cinema, the New Year should be a good time to start.’
    • ‘The road which bisects the Strip is again controlled by Israeli outposts and settlements.’
    • ‘They are doing it because they still believe in some sort of Israeli justice.’
    • ‘Well, I should have remembered that three weeks is an eternity in Israeli politics.’
    • ‘They are against Israeli policies in occupied areas, which is a different thing.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Israel, or a person of Israeli descent.

    ‘Native born Israelis are called Sabras, named for a cactus fruit gown in the desert.’
    • ‘Several years ago there were two episodes between Israelis and Palestinians.’
    • ‘Both the Israelis and Palestinians were used to news crews of a few people.’
    • ‘That might explain the calmness which has so surprised Israelis and Spaniards.’
    • ‘If ever a day illustrated the gulf between Israelis and Palestinians, tomorrow is that day.’
    • ‘On the other hand there is virtually nothing in the book about Israelis and Palestinians.’
    • ‘Emma has kept warm memories of her first contacts with Israelis who happened to be Arabs.’
    • ‘It broke a taboo by being the first Arab channel to feature interviews with Israelis.’
    • ‘Sure, you may have seen more Israelis and Europeans but what time of the year was it?’
    • ‘In Jenin the Israelis lifted the curfew for three hours, and Palestinians went to shop at the market.’



/izˈrālē/ /ɪzˈreɪli/