Definition of issue-based in English:


(also issues-based)


  • Based on or concerned with specific problems or concerns rather than an overall ideology.

    ‘issue-based politics’
    ‘she wanted to pursue an issue-based agenda’
    • ‘The Internet can be used to make elections more issue-based than popularity based.’
    • ‘The decade saw the launch of scores of issue-based grassroots groups.’
    • ‘The serious political undertones which Guest gave to the comedy pointed the way to the issue-based cinema he would develop a decade later.’
    • ‘All the drama I've ever enjoyed working with is issue-based theatre or political theatre.’
    • ‘His particular brand of issue-based filmmaking has had to take a few steps back of late.’
    • ‘In short, science reportage must be issue-based.’
    • ‘Most nature and wildlife writing in India is issue-based.’
    • ‘We look forward to legitimate, constructive, issues-based debates hosted by news organizations.’
    • ‘The democracy movement was issues-based - as soon as the problem was resolved, the joint work ended.’
    • ‘The only issues-based politics that gets most artists riled up are pragmatic issues such as getting paid and being represented fairly.’