Definition of issueless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈiSH(y)o͞oləs/ /ˈɪʃ(j)uləs/


See issue

  • ‘In feudal China, men had liberty to divorce their wives for reasons ranging from infidelity, laziness, loss of manners, to being issueless or even inability to curry favour with with her parents-in-law.’
  • ‘Despite enjoying all her freedom, Ms. Sudha had experienced the emptiness of an issueless family for about 15 years.’
  • ‘The last Maharajas died issueless even though each one of them had two wives.’
  • ‘The only distinct era in American history to have a pejorative title, the Gilded Age came to be remembered as a time of corrupt and issueless politics.’
  • ‘As they barrel toward elections that once held bright promise, the issueless Democrats are girding for a new round of recriminations.’



/ˈiSH(y)o͞oləs/ /ˈɪʃ(j)uləs/