Definition of ISTM in English:



  • It seems to me.

    ‘ISTM to make perfect sense’
    • ‘An "ontologically diverse community" would, ISTM, be a community of people with different sorts of being.’
    • ‘ISTM we are well past the reasons we left England.’
    • ‘ISTM it would be more cost-effective to invest money in nanoscale materials physics.’
    • ‘Not saying it's a brilliant move, but ISTM that's the logic of it.’
    • ‘I would also add that ISTM it would also be incorrect to not consider their importance in the whole of scripture.’
    • ‘The approaches that you suggest make a great deal of sense - however, ISTM you should apply them to EVERYONE you're planning to keep around.’
    • ‘ISTM that a safe way to proceed would be to buy a second copy of the music, detach the pages, and assemble your five-wide score that way.’
    • ‘ISTM that the only real "revenue producers" of a company are its sales force, and it does make sense to hire the very best sales reps that you can.’
    • ‘While you have probably successfully hired substantial numbers of people in your time, ISTM that does not make you an expert on effective hiring in general.’