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  • 1It is.

    ‘it's my fault’
    • ‘Really, it's as though people will write any old rubbish to see their name in print.’
    • ‘Yet, to get a true sense of Fiji it's best to head for one of the country's smaller resorts.’
    • ‘Children only have one chance at their education and it's no use saving money for a rainy day.’
    • ‘They can turn a game in your favour when it's tight and they did that on Saturday.’
    • ‘They don't have to be the best, but it's important they have a go and enjoy themselves.’
    • ‘They got walloped last week and it's never good to play a team that's just been walloped.’
    • ‘For the uneducated, cars remain firmly in the car park until it's time to pack up and leave.’
    • ‘I already knew that about him, but it's so touching when other people say that to you.’
    • ‘The show's giving me something to get my teeth into and it's an exciting step along the way.’
    • ‘If you can't be over there you might as well go somewhere where it's going to be exciting.’
    • ‘I'll be glad when it's finally over and I can get my life back in some sort of order again.’
    • ‘Perhaps the funniest thing is the way they claim it's a parody not of Bush, but of sitcoms.’
    • ‘If we have a weakness as a side, it's sheer bulk and power, but then that has always been the case.’
    • ‘If you do not find what you're after this month, it's not going to cost you any more next month.’
    • ‘I think it's a good idea to have a platform of your own on which you can do what you want.’
    • ‘A glorious past is all very well, but it's no use to you if the present is imperfect.’
    • ‘I think it's probably the only time of year that families go to the theatre together.’
    • ‘After a mere five minutes with her it's clear that nothing could be further from the truth.’
    • ‘So how do we reduce our salt intake when it's not always obvious just how much we're eating?’
    • ‘Only this term have Falkirk returned to the top flight and it's proving worth the wait.’
    • ‘What sporting events is the stadium supposed to stage if it's not one of this magnitude?’
    1. 1.1It has.
      ‘it's been a hot day’
      • ‘We haven't had the best of times over there but it's got to change sooner or later.’
      • ‘It's supposed to be a wine cooler, but it's only got wine on the top two shelves and beer on the rest.’
      • ‘The standard that the orchestra is working at the moment is higher than it's ever been.’
      • ‘It's become a story about speed.’
      • ‘Now it's started again and we think it's because they are chasing them back home.’



/its/ /ɪts/


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