Definition of it's a deal in English:

it's a deal


  • Used to express one's assent to an agreement.

    • ‘“It's a deal,” he said, smiling with satisfaction’
    • ‘Okay, if you can come up with another 200,000 units and make delivery by August 1, it's a deal.’
    • ‘And Gorbachev said, it's a deal, or however he would say that in Russian.’
    • ‘If it means we don't have to go out with you, love, it's a deal.’
    • ‘If you stay with me for the rest of this evening, it's a deal.’
    • ‘You don't threaten me anymore and it's a deal.’
    • ‘She hesitated a moment before curiosity got the better of her and she agreed, ‘All right, it's a deal.’’
    • ‘I smiled half-heartedly and nodded, ‘All right, Ry, it's a deal.’’
    • ‘If you can include some of the irrelevant information, too, then it's a deal.’
    • ‘‘Okay then, it's a deal,’ I said, although I had no clue on earth what I could bring to show him in return.’
    • ‘‘Fine, it's a deal, Miss Heartslain,’ Baldwin said before offering a handshake.’
    • ‘‘Okay, it's a deal then,’ I agreed and gave a sunny laugh.’
    • ‘‘Then it's a deal,’ she said, smiling and putting her hand on my shoulder.’