Definition of it's a fair cop in English:

it's a fair cop

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informal British
  • 1

    see fair

  • 2An admission that the speaker has been caught doing wrong and deserves punishment.

    • ‘He was never going to say ‘Alright, it's a fair cop.’’
    • ‘I am not going to say it's a fair cop because my parking space was pinched!’
    • ‘Now terminally-ill, Mr Bacon is looking at spending his declining years behind bars, but he still says it's a fair cop.’
    • ‘I have very frequently accused Walter Hill of taking too much from the directing style of Sam Peckinpah (The Wild Bunch), and it's a fair cop as evidenced in various scenes in Southern Comfort.’
    • ‘There's nothing stopping you from shrugging your shoulders, admitting it's a fair cop, and sending the deactivation signal.’