Definition of Italian parsley in English:

Italian parsley


another term for flat-leafed parsley
‘Use any favorite fresh herbs; we had the best results with leaves of Italian parsley, small sprigs of rosemary, and oregano leaves.’
  • ‘Then there is French and Italian parsley, and mint in a whole range of flavours.’
  • ‘If you like Pasta with a little bit of stronger flavour, I recommend using coriander instead of the more mild Italian parsley.’
  • ‘They peeked open nearly instantly, and Kate ladled out big servings for each of us, scattering them with Italian parsley.’
  • ‘Then added fresh mushrooms, chopped fresh spinach and Italian parsley.’


Italian parsley

/əˈtalyən ˈpärslē/ /əˈtæljən ˈpɑrsli/