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nounplural noun itineraries

  • 1A planned route or journey.

    ‘his itinerary included an official visit to Canada’
    • ‘In reality, I am safe and sound and I do not intend to change my travel itinerary.’
    • ‘Their busy itinerary included hill walking, surfing and kayaking.’
    • ‘No tourist itinerary is complete without a visit to this paradise.’
    • ‘The itinerary was arranged at the tourists' requests, according to Shoji.’
    • ‘Assessing malarial risk requires a detailed knowledge of a patient's travel itinerary and accommodations.’
    • ‘But many locals hope performing arts companies will soon add it to their national tour itineraries.’
    • ‘Baghdad is rather pleasant this month, actually, and the Pentagon is planning an itinerary.’
    • ‘Try to plan your itinerary to arrive at your destination during daylight hours if you can.’
    • ‘Choosing the right cruise line and cruise itinerary can be somewhat of a challenge.’
    • ‘But despite a packed itinerary, they will be heading towards Agra to see the majestic Taj Mahal.’
    • ‘Michael Dunne local organiser also addressed the meeting and went through the planned itinerary.’
    • ‘But, until recently, impoverished Mozambique wasn't featured on too many tourist itineraries.’
    • ‘At that time, Uganda wasn't on any tourist itinerary.’
    • ‘We accomplished five of their seven-day itinerary in the first two days.’
    • ‘But the exact itinerary of the tour is yet to be finalised.’
    • ‘None of us could remember the exact itinerary.’
    • ‘There are enough fairways here to fill even the most ambitious itinerary.’
    • ‘Hinckley has to follow a very detailed itinerary.’
    • ‘The following are details released by Downing Street of George Bush's itinerary for his four-day visit to Britain.’
    • ‘However, why not design a faster ship to create more far-ranging itineraries?’
    1. 1.1A travel document recording a route or journey.
      ‘we will send you an itinerary’
      • ‘Secretaries perform a gamut of administrative responsibilities ranging from handling daily schedules and travel itineraries to processing paperwork.’
      • ‘With this certificate, the museum could have been listed on the itineraries of travel agencies and we would have had more visitors.’
      • ‘Ahmed was carrying travel itineraries showing a July 8 flight from Johannesburg, South Africa to London.’
      • ‘Your travel itineraries indicate that it is best not to schedule anything for Thursday night.’
      • ‘It has asked for phone records to prove that Beckham sent rude text messages, as well as contracts and travel itineraries.’
      • ‘Travel itineraries would be distributed to all members of the party outlining the route for the day.’
      • ‘I love traveling, but hate the overdetailed itineraries and overbearing travel agents that typically go with it.’
      • ‘A detailed itinerary will appear soon.’
      • ‘Passengers will receive an SMS itinerary and new electronic boarding passes for faster check in.’
      • ‘If you find two identical itineraries and the lower price is on a third-party site, you might do better to book your flight.’
      • ‘Your travel itineraries indicate that it is best not to schedule anything for Thursday night.’
      • ‘We will be getting the tour itinerary by the end of this week.’
      • ‘Check your tour itinerary and determine the longest day of riding that you will encounter.’
      • ‘I came home with the tickets and itinerary for the trip and you acted like nothing was going on.’
      • ‘Mariko, looking over the detailed itinerary, muttered.’
      • ‘A web site will be set up for the participants of this tour with instructional articles and a detailed itinerary.’
      • ‘Editors are currently on tour, with a full itinerary on their website.’
      • ‘I only know because I snuck into their room and found their flight itinerary.’
      • ‘Flight itinerary and tour plans have been circulated to the teams concerned.’
      • ‘Do you have your plane tickets or your flight itinerary?’
      planned route, route, journey, way, road, path, course
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/īˈtinəˌrerē/ /aɪˈtɪnəˌrɛri/


Late Middle English from late Latin itinerarium, neuter of itinerarius ‘of a journey or roads’, from Latin iter, itiner- ‘journey, road’.