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Pronunciation /īˈvôrēən/ /aɪˈvɔriən/


  • Relating to Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) or its people.

    ‘Ivorian protests’
    • ‘Cowan says the high prices have so far been good for Ivorian farmers, despite the problems brought about by the fighting.’
    • ‘It's estimated 26 percent of Ivorian residents are of immigrant origin.’
    • ‘Under the peace pact, known as the Marcoussis accord, that article was to be amended to allow for either parent to be Ivorian born.’
    • ‘The system of lagoons gives Ivorian commuters an alternative to overcrowded city buses.’
    • ‘Bakayoko accused the dissidents of plotting further attacks in other northern Ivorian cities.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Côte d'Ivoire.

    ‘a call for all Ivorians to participate’
    • ‘We are all Ivorians, but Ivory Coast is suffering because of just one man.’
    • ‘But the heavy lifting has to be done by the Ivorians and the Ivorian leaders themselves.’
    • ‘So far 60 Ivorians have been killed, more than 1,200 injured and 5,000 fled to Liberia.’
    • ‘So far, about 130,000 of them have fled for home while 23,000 Ivorians have sought refuge in neighbouring countries.’
    • ‘As Ivorians, we are proud that we are a stable country.’
    • ‘The Ivorians said three of their soldiers were injured in yesterday's clashes.’



/īˈvôrēən/ /aɪˈvɔriən/