Definition of ixtle in English:



(also istle)
  • (in Mexico and Central America) a plant fiber used for cordage, nets, and carpets.

    This fiber is obtained chiefly from Agave species (family Agavaceae), in particular A. funkiana and A. lecheguilla

    ‘Craftsman José Isabel Quiroz learned how to weave ixtle from his father, who still works with him.’
    • ‘Pita is another maguey fiber, finer than ixtle, used to create fancy trim on the edges of leather work.’
    • ‘This is a stiff fibre, yet Aztec techniques for the spinning and weaving of ixtle were capable of producing flexible and delicate cloth.’
    • ‘Vegetable fibers are composed chiefly of cellulose and may be classed as short fibers, e.g., cotton and kapok; or long fibers, including flax, hemp, Manila hemp, istle, ramie, sisal hemp, and Spanish moss.’



/ˈikstlē/ /ˈɪkstli/


Late 19th century via American Spanish from Nahuatl ixtli.