Definition of IYSWIM in English:



  • If you see what I mean.

    ‘it was very ‘wet’ snow, IYSWIM’
    • ‘They would have to find an alternative ID check and if they run it themselves then they could check on what is being checked for too IYSWIM.’
    • ‘I might have made a couple of calls to the other mums involved to explain and ask if anyone else could help her—to save her having to ask IYSWIM.’
    • ‘This series goes down as one of the most disappointing cars I've driven in comparison with the reputation, IYSWIM.’
    • ‘You need to hunt around for a butcher who actually does their own butchering of carcasses rather than buys it ready-jointed, IYSWIM.’
    • ‘I always try to make sure my little one has his 5 a day but he rarely eats a whole piece, or if he does it's only a small one IYSWIM.’