Definition of J'Ouvert in English:



  • (in the Caribbean) the official start of carnival, at dawn on the Monday preceding Lent.

    ‘For J'Ouvert on Carnival Monday morning there's the non-stop, in-time-to-the-music horn, most useful when, through no fault of your own, a mud truck with hundreds of dirty revellers turns the corner to confront you.’
    • ‘The climax of the festival is J'Ouvert on the first Monday in August.’
    • ‘After the celebrations concluded, Atherly said he was proud of the way J'Ouvert was handled this year.’
    • ‘The country has no reason to believe that 2005 will see any reversion to the unchecked lawlessness that, at J'Ouvert in Port-of-Spain, for example, has scared away some would-be participants.’
    • ‘And since today is Saturday, I had to return from J'Ouvert at 10:15 a.m. to make sure that persons were up and about.’



/jo͞oˈvā/ /dʒuˈveɪ/ /ZHo͞oˈver/ /ʒuˈvɛr/


French Creole, from French jour ouvert ‘day opened’.