Definition of jabberwocky in English:


nounplural noun jabberwockies

  • Invented or meaningless language; nonsense.

    ‘the translation was slow and full of jabberwocky’
    • ‘They don't want jabberwocky or gobbledegook going full bore.’
    • ‘What sounds meaningful reads like jabberwocky.’
    • ‘Penelope describes what this means and the agony and pleasure of streams of jabberwocky issuing forth from a man of words.’
    • ‘Herrera's portmanteau style and ludic impulse constitute a form of visual jabberwocky, in which the familiar is confidently manipulated and destabilized.’



/ˈjabərˌwäkē/ /ˈdʒæbərˌwɑki/


Early 20th century from the title of a nonsense poem in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass (1871).