Definition of jacamar in English:



  • An insectivorous bird of tropical American forests, with a long pointed bill, a long tail, and plumage that is typically iridescent green above.

    Family Galbulidae: several genera and species

    ‘Those who prefer altitude can climb the lodge's seven-story, 115-foot canopy tower and stop at each level to observe tanagers, jacamars, guans, and oropendulas in action.’
    • ‘Hiring a guide is a good idea, since trained eyes will point out more rufous-tailed jacamars and blue-crowned mot-mots than you'd ever spot on your own.’
    • ‘Jacamars prefer to eat large, showy, flying insects such as blue morpho butterflies, hawk moths, and venomous insects such as wasps, ants, and sawflies.’



/ˈjakəˌmär/ /ˈdʒækəˌmɑr/


Early 19th century from French, apparently from Tupi.