Definition of jack bean in English:

jack bean


  • 1An edible bean, or its edible pod, used especially as fodder in tropical countries.

    ‘Concanavalin A, one of the major seed proteins of jack bean, is a lectin studied extensively since its discovery in 1919.’
    • ‘When dried parts of little-known legumes like coffee senna, sun hemp, and jack beans were mixed into potting soils, scientists got reductions as high as 89 percent in the number of nematode galls on the roots of test tomato plants.’
    • ‘A review is given on the effects of the inclusion of Jack beans (Canavalia ensiformis L. DC) in poultry diets.’
    1. 1.1A tropical American climbing plant of the pea family that yields jack beans.
      ‘The jack bean and the sword bean are very similar and are occasionally grown in home gardens around the state.’
      • ‘The jack bean (Canavalia ensiformis) is a bushy, semi-erect annual legume originated in the New World and which is grown mainly as green manure and as cover crop in soil erosion control programs.’


jack bean

/jak bēn/ /dʒæk bin/