Definition of jack in in English:

jack in

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phrasal verb

  • 1jack something in, jack in somethingBritish Give up or stop doing something, especially a job.

    • ‘he jacked in his office job’
    give up, stop, cease, discontinue, desist from, swear off, forbear from, abstain from, cut out, renounce, forswear, forgo, abandon, have done with
  • 2jack something in, jack in somethingConnect up a computer or electronic device.

    • ‘I jacked my laptop in and connected to the default IP’
    • ‘Given that Neo had spent his entire life inside The Matrix - more accurately, inside a pod of goo while jacked into a massive computer - how could his ear be pierced?’
    • ‘She was able to jack into the computer's mind and learn what it knew.’
    • ‘Bandwidth is often seen as a public resource, and people who would blanch at the thought of breaking into a computer room wouldn't think twice about jacking into wireless networks.’
    • ‘Mercano's lone earthbound friend is a boy that he meets online and, before long, thanks to an evil corporation's theft of his planet's technology, 98% of our planet is jacked into an interactive digitized shopping mall.’
    • ‘We shudder to think what mayhem an irritated and superior alien race might visit upon innocent, gui-dependent Windows lusers jacked in to an intrusive Web-based spy network.’
    • ‘The wireless service, which offers connection speeds up to 54 MBPS over a Cisco Systems Wi-Fi network, is free to all tenants, while jacking into the 100 MBPS wired network costs just $250 per month.’
    • ‘Another character, Dixie Flatline, who had Case's EEG flattened while he was jacked in, now maintains his identity solely within the computer network - a form of cyber-resurrection.’
    • ‘There, after I've sorted and arranged various ingredients, I jack in for twenty minutes and plant some useful subroutines in the city utilities grid.’
    • ‘If your business frequently has visiting executives who need to jack into your network or to get online, it may make sense to have a wireless node, which will enable them to use their own laptop to connect wirelessly.’
    • ‘However, as of yet, mobility has not been long lasting without jacking into a power source after a couple of hours.’