Definition of Jack Mormon in English:

Jack Mormon


  • A member of the Latter-day Saints (Mormons) who is not strictly observant.

    • ‘the only thing that's going to end up happening is me doing homework on Sundays and drinking Pepsi and being just another Jack Mormon’
    • ‘People who are Mormons but don't follow all the church teachings are called Jack Mormons, hence the funny name for a local brand of coffee.’
    • ‘Some Jack Mormons may even still believe many or all of the Church's teachings, but for various reasons choose not to attend services or participate in church activities.’
    • ‘So, they will say they're Mormon, party like rock stars, but adamantly tell you that they are not Jack Mormons.’
    • ‘I grew up with a devoutly Mormon mother and a Jack Mormon father - and by ‘Jack Mormon,’ the way I would describe it would be the swearing, drinking kind of Mormon.… He did not want my mother to go to church.’
    • ‘I have known some Mormons, though they were what are called Jack Mormons, which is to say they had backslid from their faith's rigorous practices, especially concerning the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.’


Jack Mormon

/ˈjak ˌmôrmən/ /ˈdʒæk ˌmɔrmən/