Definition of jack pine in English:

jack pine


  • A small, hardy North American pine with very short needles, found chiefly in Canada.

    Pinus banksiana, family Pinaceae

    • ‘The forests include such conifers as red spruce, black spruce, white spruce, balsam fir, red pine, jack pine, eastern white pine, tamarack, eastern white cedar, and eastern hemlock.’
    • ‘Most of the cones produced by jack pine and lodgepole pine look like miniature hand grenades - and are just about as tough.’
    • ‘We were, after all, making our way through a wilderness of black spruce, jack pine and balsam fir that stretched away on either side of the river for a total of 12,000 kilometres, forming a green mantle around the entire Arctic icecap.’
    • ‘The wooded area includes stands of spruce and jack pine, indigenous popular bushes and majestic oak trees and provides scenic walking and horse riding trails as well as wildlife habitat.’
    • ‘When they are in jack pine, with crooked and very limby trees, there is very little choice but to tackle each stem one at a time.’