Definition of Jack the Lad in English:

Jack the Lad


informal British
  • A brash, cocky young man.

    • ‘a cocky Jack the Lad who neglected academic study’
    • ‘a Jack the Lad sex symbol’
    • ‘Good old Les, a bit of a rogue, a bit of a Jack the Lad, but basically, as Eamonn says ‘a good man’…’
    • ‘I learnt to get on with them, I just wanted to be something I wasn't, a bit of a Jack the Lad and it was the start of a rocky ride really.’
    • ‘Monogamy has never meant much to Jack the Lad, who admits he repeatedly lied to Anjelica during their 17-year relationship.’
    • ‘Your other brother, Abbas, nails a great job in Brussels after a fun-filled adolescence as Jack the Lad.’
    • ‘These men were violent, but there has always been a tendency to give them the folk-hero treatment, as if they were typical Jack the Lads and brightly representative of a certain working-class resourcefulness in the face of Britain's postwar austerity.’


Jack the Lad

/jak T͟Hē/ /dʒæk ði/ /T͟H(ə)/ /ð(ə)/ /T͟Hē lad/ /ði læd/


Nickname of Jack Sheppard, an 18th-century thief.