Definition of jackbooted in English:



See jackboot

‘Parking restrictions are enforced with far too much enthusiasm and vigour by jackbooted bureaucrats.’
  • ‘Scores of jackbooted extras paraded their uniforms up and down the adjacent streets.’
  • ‘Our country is not being controlled by jackbooted fascists.’
  • ‘A brave and spirited people had again been trampled under jackbooted feet.’
  • ‘We're not supposed to be ruled by militarized, jackbooted forces.’
  • ‘Progress, in all of its jackbooted glory, marches on, and if you are lucky it will not trample you.’
  • ‘They were stopped and asked for identity papers by some jackbooted official.’



/ˈjakˌbo͞odəd/ /ˈdʒækˌbudəd/