Definition of jackdaw in English:



  • A small grey-headed crow that typically nests in tall buildings and chimneys, noted for its inquisitiveness.

    Genus Corvus, family Corvidae: two species, in particular the Eurasian C. monedula

    • ‘There are 113 members of the avian family called Corvidae, or corvids, which includes crows, jackdaws, rooks, ravens, as well as jays, nutcrackers and magpies.’
    • ‘The corvines - crows, rooks, jays, magpies and jackdaws - are relentless stealers of other birds' eggs and chicks.’
    • ‘The corvids of North America consist of one species of jackdaw, four crows, two ravens, one nutcracker, two magpies, and ten species of jays.’
    • ‘A clothesline is the strongest indication that this battered house is occupied, although jackdaws seem to be nesting in the chimney.’
    • ‘A cliff is nest site for jackdaws; they pop in and out of the football and fist-sized holes in the soft yellow magnesian limestone.’