Definition of jackfish in English:


nounplural noun jackfish, plural noun jackfishes

mainly North American
  • A pike or sauger, especially the northern pike.

    ‘You might target the king mackerel, the Gulf's most popular light-tackle species, but the next hit could be from a ling, a jackfish, a bonito, a dorado, a shark, a tuna, a wahoo - or something beyond a kid's wildest dreams.’
    • ‘We hovered for a while watching the sweepers being herded one way and then another by black grouper, squirrelfish and the occasional swooping jackfish.’
    • ‘I especially enjoyed feeding my catches from the morning to the 3-4 foot long jackfishes cruising around the pier.’
    • ‘The star turn is inevitably a shoal of " big-eye jackfishes ", of more than 100 individuals.’
    • ‘You can also clap eyes on large groups of bass and twirly pikes (luces or jackfishes).’



/ˈjakˌfiSH/ /ˈdʒækˌfɪʃ/