Definition of jackknife clam in English:

jackknife clam


North American
  • A burrowing bivalve mollusk with a long, slender shell that resembles the handle of a straight razor.

    British term razor shell; also called razor clam

    Family Solenidae: Ensis and other genera

    ‘The razor clams served up at Wei Wei are also known as Atlantic Jackknife Clams, found along the Eastern Atlantic coasts ranging from South Carolina to Canada. The meat has the expected texture of clam, but a sweet flavor that may remind you of lobster.’
    • ‘Jackknife clams inhabit bays, estuaries, and lagoons near the mean low tide level in mud or muddy sand flats.’


jackknife clam

/ˈjakˌnīf klam/ /ˈdʒækˌnaɪf klæm/