Definition of Jacksonian in English:



  • Relating to or denoting a form of epilepsy in which seizures begin at one site (typically a digit or the angle of the mouth).

    ‘She gradually deteriorated over three months and died in status epilepticus characterised by tonic seizures, seizures with Jacksonian march, and clonic jerks.’
    • ‘In Jacksonian epilepsy the attack is always recognised by the patient as one of a similar series and consciousness is not lost, at least in the earliest stages of the attack.’
    • ‘A person with a simple partial seizure (sometimes known as Jacksonian epilepsy) does not lose consciousness, but may experience confusion, jerking movements, tingling, or odd mental and emotional events.’



/ˌjakˈsōnēən/ /ˌdʒækˈsoʊniən/


Late 19th century from the name of John H. Jackson (1835–1911), English physician and neurologist, + -ian.