Definition of Jacky Winter in English:

Jacky Winter


  • An Australasian flycatcher which has a gray-brown back and whitish underside and constantly wags its white-edged tail.

    Microeca leucophaea, family Eopsaltridae (or Muscicapidae). Alternative name: Australian brown flycatcher

    ‘Jacky Winters dart out from a perch to snatch at flying insects, returning to the same perch again. They dive and twist in the air, hovering and grabbing at insects.’
    • ‘The Jacky Winter is a small grey-brown flycatcher with a faint pale eye-line and white underbody. The dark tail has prominent white outer feathers which are obvious when it lands, wagging his tail from side to side.’


Jacky Winter

/ˈjakē ˈwin(t)ər/ /ˈdʒæki ˈwɪn(t)ər/


Late 19th century diminutive form of the pet name Jack (see jack) + Winter (imitative of the bird's cry).