Definition of Jacobethan in English:



  • (especially of architecture) displaying a combination of Elizabethan and Jacobean styles.

    ‘The present house was built in 1853-6 for Queen Victoria by the architect William Smith of Aberdeen as a replacement for an earlier house in Jacobethan style erected in 1834-9 by his father, John Smith.’
    • ‘Its ‘Jacobethan’ red-brick and sandstone facade, with unusually large windows on the second floor, is in marked contrast to the 1901 Art Nouveau gallery, famous for its decorously swooping arch and minimal windows.’
    • ‘And they have placed an each-way bet by opening The Swan's five-play season of Jacobethan rarities, performed by a company of 28 actors, with a City comedy in the afternoon and a Shakespearean chronicle in the evening.’



/ˌjakəˈbēTHən/ /ˌdʒækəˈbiθən/


1930s blend of Jacobean and Elizabethan.