Definition of jaconet in English:



  • A lightweight cotton cloth with a smooth and slightly stiff finish.

    ‘an evening gown of white jaconet’
    • ‘This first gown is called a Morning Domestic Dress. My guess is that this means you wear it at home. It is described as 'a white jaconet muslin gown, buttoned down the front with white regency buttons and trimming formed en lozenge.'’
    • ‘A Morning Walking Dress [is] a short gown and coat of fine jaconet muslin, edged with a broad border of patent work, made high in the neck with deep standing collar, trimmed with narrow band of patent work to correspond.’



/ˈjakəˌnet/ /ˈdʒækəˌnɛt/ /ˌjakəˈnet/ /ˌdʒækəˈnɛt/


Mid 18th century from Hindi Jagannāth(purī) (now Puri) in India, its place of origin; see also Jagannatha.