Definition of jadedness in English:



See jaded

‘Innocence lost, it's an old and boring story, but the way that she dismisses a potential boyfriend as ‘too good for me’ is sad in a 14 year old, who should be a decade away from such jadedness.’
  • ‘They confront the demons that plague their lives - betrayal, suspicion, guilt and loss, hope and fading aspirations - not only with Gary's mordant jadedness, but with plainspoken sincerity.’
  • ‘We have immensities of creativity unknown to previous history, but also the spectre of unparalleled jadedness.’
  • ‘‘I do walk into a lot of professional situations where there's such a quality of jadedness and bitterness, no matter what level I'm at,’ he says.’
  • ‘There's the lack of trust, the lack of confidence, the jadedness and cynicism so apparent in most of us today.’