Definition of jadeite in English:



  • A green, blue, or white mineral which is one of the forms of jade. It is a silicate of sodium, aluminum, and iron and belongs to the pyroxene group.

    ‘In particular, it would have been good to include fancy colored sapphires (other than padparadsha), demantoid, jadeite, red beryl, and benitoite, to name a few.’
    • ‘This jadeite is multicolored white, green, and rare lavender.’
    • ‘Of the two kinds of jade, jadeite and nephrite, the former is harder than the latter and cannot be scratched with a penknife blade.’
    • ‘Nephrite and jadeite, the former in colours of white, yellow, russet and green were used in the making of unique little bottles.’
    • ‘Craftsmanship of a very high order is represented in objects of shell and jadeite.’



/ˈjādˌīt/ /ˈdʒeɪdˌaɪt/