Definition of jaeger in English:



North American
  • Any of the smaller kinds of Arctic-breeding skuas.

    Genus Stercorarius, family Stercorariidae: three species, e.g. the parasitic jaeger or Arctic skua (S. parasiticus)

    ‘Sandy Neck, Barnstable, and First Encounter Beach, Eastham, are Cape places to observe shearwaters, jaegers, phalaropes, ducks, gannets and for a few lucky sentinels, an occasional northern fulmar.’
    • ‘Usually you can expect to see great numbers of pelagic birds - gannets, shearwaters, jaegers, storm-petrels, alcids - that live mainly at sea.’
    • ‘On the other hand, there is a rich community of specialist and generalist predators (arctic foxes, stoats, snowy owls, rough-legged hawks, gulls, jaegers and ravens), all of which feed on lemmings.’
    • ‘Skuas and jaegers also display reversed size dimorphism to a similar degree to raptor species that feed on carrion, insects, reptiles, or mammals, but are less dimorphic than those that feed exclusively on birds.’
    • ‘Some species such as skuas (Catharacta spp.), jaegers (Stercorarius spp.), and sheathbills (Chionis spp.) are considered obligate kleptoparasites, particularly during the breeding season or on migration.’



/ˈyāɡər/ /ˈjeɪɡər/


Mid 19th century (applied to any predatory seabird): from German Jäger ‘hunter’, from jagen ‘to hunt’.