Definition of jaggery in English:



  • A coarse dark brown sugar made in India by evaporation of the sap of palm trees.

    ‘Add the tomato purée, jaggery, chilli and garam masala powders and water if required.’
    • ‘Chilled banana cream with jaggery Jaggery, which is fermented palm sugar, is fabulous stuff.’
    • ‘When jaggery is dissolved, add lime juice and pears.’
    • ‘Some 70 lakh children were being fed with ghoogri, a cooked meal of wheat and jaggery.’
    • ‘This ‘coffee’ is sweetened with ‘karippatti’ or jaggery as sugar is anathema to the champions of natural eating.’



/ˈjaɡərē/ /ˈdʒæɡəri/


Late 16th century from Portuguese xagara, jag(a)ra, from Malayalam cakkarā, from Sanskrit śarkarā ‘sugar’.