Definition of Jah in English:



  • The Rastafarian name of God.

    ‘For Jah to be God, God cannot be a culturally specific desert god from the near east.’
    • ‘The 32-year-old Jamaican-born gangster had grown dreadlocks and believed he had the Rastafarian God Jah on his side.’
    • ‘Its tone is set at the film's very spiritual start: Rastafarian elders are playing hand drums in a ramshackle hut in the Jamaican countryside, smoking ganja and praising their god Jah.’
    • ‘I know somebody already mentioned Jah, which is the Rasta name for God - smoking the Ganjah gets you in touch with him and with your deeper self.’
    • ‘The Sun is represented by the Lion Head of Jah shining over the island.’



/jä/ /dʒɑ/ /yä/ /jɑ/


Representing Hebrew Yāh, abbreviation of Yahweh. The current use was popularized in the mid 20th century.