Definition of jai alai in English:

jai alai


  • A game like pelota played with large curved wicker baskets.

    as modifier ‘jai alai players’
    • ‘Whether you're playing baseball, cricket, football, golf, jai alai, soccer, tennis, or water polo, a ball gets thrown, smacked, or kicked and then briefly becomes airborne before returning to Earth.’
    • ‘The Object of Jai Alai is to hurl a pelota (ball) against the front wall of the court with so much speed and spin that the opposition cannot catch or return it on the fly or the first bounce.’
    • ‘Jai alai is an incredibly fast ball game, usually played by teams, and usually the subject of intense spectator interest and gambling.’


jai alai

/ˈhī (ə)ˌlī/ /ˈhaɪ (ə)ˌlaɪ/


Spanish, from Basque jai ‘festival’ + alai ‘merry’.