Definition of jalapeño in English:


nounplural noun jalapeños

(also jalapeño pepper)
  • A very hot green chili pepper, used especially in Mexican-style cooking.

    ‘order extra jalapeños on the side’
    • ‘arrange the garlic and jalapeño in a layer’
    • ‘a jalapeño dressing’
    • ‘The Viva Zapata, with its cargo of refried beans, melty Cheddar and pickled jalapeños, comes off like an unexpectedly delicious nacho pie.’
    • ‘The meat soaks in the spice rub, bringing up a zesty kick of black pepper, jalapeño, and minced ginger.’
    • ‘He blends the fruit with lime, red onions, chilies, jalapeños and tomatoes, creating an intense, produce-based, rich Mexican butter with, as the menu reminds you, 12 vitamins.’
    • ‘Load up as many sliced radishes, pickled jalapeños, onions, and piles of cilantro as you can handle from the fresh garnish bar and prepare to know what it means to be full, and fully flabbergasted.’
    • ‘Cayenne, red chile, green chile, Hungarian yellow, red cherry and the popular jalapeño will add zing to a meal.’



/ˌhaləˈpān(y)ō/ /ˌhæləˈpeɪn(j)oʊ/


From Mexican Spanish (chile) jalapeño.