Definition of jaleo in English:


nounplural noun jaleos

  • 1A lively dance of Andalusian origin, or the music or handclapping which accompanies it.

    ‘The jaleo itself is a jotilla, a kind of fandango, but it is based on the Andalusian scale.’
    • ‘The Spanish Jaleo (also called Chufla) was usually danced impromptu by a supple, agile gypsy with castanets, to a guitar accompaniment and the haunting notes of an ancient love song.’
    • ‘In Spain, the audiences shout 'jaleos' while the flamenco dancers' footwork and the tapping of her castanets move to the strumming of the guitar.’
    1. 1.1A fast instrumental chorus in merengue music.



/häˈlāō/ /hɑˈleɪoʊ/


Mid 19th century Spanish, literally ‘halloo’.