Definition of jam on the brakes in English:

jam on the brakes


  • Operate the brakes of a vehicle suddenly and forcibly, typically in an emergency.

    ‘Just as he reached the Avenue, he suddenly jammed on the brakes, sending us flying towards the rear window.’
    • ‘Instead of racing up to stop signs and red lights, jamming on the brakes, and then accelerating quickly when it is your turn to go, back off of the gas as you approach the stopping point and accelerate gradually when you pull out.’
    • ‘Azrael had jammed on the brakes, sending the automobile into a short skid forward, the sudden movement tensing his new muscles and flesh quickly.’
    • ‘Suddenly it swerved across the road, and I jammed on the brakes.’
    • ‘The instinct is to jam on the brakes, but the driver who best feathers the brakes and corners smoothly will be the one winning.’
    • ‘The car ahead of them stopped for a traffic light and she jammed on the brakes.’
    • ‘I'm driving slowly, but I have to jam on the brakes twice to avoid hitting pedestrians who walk in front of my car.’
    • ‘Quickly the rider jammed on the brakes again, harder this time, and abruptly stopped in place, his back wheel rearing a few feet off of the ground from the lost momentum.’
    • ‘Ian jammed on the brakes and the truck screeched to a halt, almost tipping Dog onto the floor.’
    • ‘All I could do was jam on the brakes, put my hands over my face and hope the lorry wouldn't topple over on me.’