Definition of jane in English:



US informal
  • A woman.

    ‘some jane had come out defending him’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, there are about three Joes for every Jane – but even so, that means there are over 8 million Janes.’
    • ‘Pretty much every Jane, Dick and Harry has a DVD writer in their PC system, DVD writers have become standard equipment.’
    lady, girl, member of the fair sex, member of the gentle sex, female


    plain Jane
    US informal
    • An unattractive girl or woman.

      ‘he'd never give a plain Jane like you a second's thought’
      • ‘But then as realisation dawns that the array of beauty products have not after all kept their ‘promise’ of turning the plain Jane into a stunning beauty as in those alluring ads, the search for newer range begins.’
      • ‘Sixteen plain Janes fight it out in an extreme new reality show in a bid to become a beauty queen.’
      • ‘No guy had liked me before that and I had my doubts that a guy like him would really want life with a plain Jane like me.’
      • ‘I was the skinny, flat chested plain Jane that was the abnormal one in my family.’
      • ‘She described herself as a plain Jane when she was younger.’


Early 20th century from the given name Jane.