Definition of jankers in English:



mass nounBritish military slang
  • Punishment for those who have committed a military offence.

    ‘the sergeant put me on jankers’
    • ‘They must have hated it - all that digging, like being put on ‘jankers’ or punishment drill.’’
    • ‘Mrs Cowell said: ‘Some of the men had hated the physical exercise, the food, washing in cold water, the discipline and doing jankers.’’
    • ‘Everyone has to do jankers for one evening meal and one breakfast - serving on table and washing up’
    • ‘The usual chores for jankers were tidying up the armoury, cleaning the .303 Lee Enfield rifles, and any other tasks that Sergeant Major Maynard could come up with.’
    • ‘Is that what you have got the jankers for?’
    penalty, discipline, correction, retribution, penance, sentence, reward, one's just deserts, medicine, the price, the rap, requital, vengeance, justice, judgement, sanction


Early 20th century of unknown origin.