Definition of Jansenist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjans(ə)nəst/ /ˈdʒæns(ə)nəst/


See Jansenism

‘Above all, the Augustinian denial of human capacity for perfectibility had, especially among Jansenists and Calvinists, representatives against whom the Enlightenment was in sharp reaction.’
  • ‘The peace of the church intended to lay them to rest therefore lasted barely more than a decade, and by the early 1680s leading Jansenists, like the Huguenots they loved to denounce, were leaving for exile beyond the king's reach.’
  • ‘During the 1750s French Huguenots suffered the last great wave of state-sponsored persecution, and Jansenists within the Gallican Church fared little better.’
  • ‘Within the Catholic church Jansenists, Quietists, and other deviants were also persecuted.’
  • ‘Jansenists were protected by sympathizers in the parlement of Paris, and in the 1740s and 1750s a series of lawsuits against priests refusing the last rites to dying Jansenists stirred up widespread fury against the hierarchy.’



/ˈjans(ə)nəst/ /ˈdʒæns(ə)nəst/