Definition of Japanese anemone in English:

Japanese anemone


  • An autumn-flowering anemone with large pink or white flowers. It is native to China and naturalized in Japan, and several cultivars have been developed.

    Anemone hupehensis variety japonica, family Ranunculaceae

    ‘Snow-white peonies come into bloom in May, and pale daylilies, white liatris, and white Japanese anemones take turns through the summer and fall.’
    • ‘Further on in the season, pink Japanese anemones will colonise an area that suits them, ie. somewhere sunny but moist.’
    • ‘Growing with the linaria is a pink Japanese anemone, also self-seeded or perhaps mistakenly imported with another plant.’
    • ‘It is known botanically as Anemone x hybrida and, despite being called the Japanese anemone, they actually originate from China.’
    • ‘The hybrid Japanese anemone is one of my favourite late-summer flowers and one we could do with more of since it produces masses of white or pink flowers with yellow centres.’


Japanese anemone

/ˌjapəˌnēz əˈnemənē/ /ˌdʒæpəˌniz əˈnɛməni/